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Receipts Interface

Once a customer places an order and the shipment has gone through or when a customer returns a product and the return is accepted by the partner, a financial transaction takes place and OTTO generates a receipt.

One order can be fulfilled by multiple shipments and each Shipment will have a receipt. This receipt contains Customer Information, Article Information, Total Price including Shipping charges (if any), Payment Details/Refund Details, Receipt Details, Partner Information.

This receipt is available for the customer to view on the "mein Rechnung" page and this receipt is also available to the partner. The following are two ways from where the partner can get access to these receipts:

      1. OBC portal
      2. Receipts API


This changelog will document all relevant changes in our interface. Kudos to



  • Description and examples of few fields


  • The following fields
    • receiptID
    • originalReceiptID
    • returnDate
    • transactionId
    • customer.customerId
    • customer.uniqueUserId
    • lineItem.productId
    • lineItem.variationId
    • lineItem.partnerVariationId
    • lineItem.salesOrderPositionItemIds
    • payment
  • The following endpoints
    • /v1/receipts/{receiptNumber}/pdf

Status: Released



  • Introduced /v1/receipts/{receiptNumber} endpoint to get a specific receipts in JSON format
  • Enriched /v1/receipts endpoint with several query filters. This filters are noted below
    • customer_id
    • sales_order_id
    • type
  • Use 128 as default limit for /v1/receipts
  • Add partner's headOfSupervisoryBoard information in response



  • the following endpoints
    • Add /v1/receipts
    • Add /v1/receipts/{receiptNumber}/pdf
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