OTTO Market API documentation

Important: The new version v2 is released now! Please use v2.

We plan to go offline with version 1 (v1) earliest by 14th October 2020

Receipts Interface

Otto Market provides receipts to the customers to document financial processes.

  • Purchase receipts (often referred to as invoices)

Purchase receipts document pricing positions for which a customer will receipt goods and has to pay. These receipts contain information per order, partner and shipment. They are created, when ordered items are shipped to the customer. Each shipped item will be billed exactly once. However, there can be more than one purchase receipt per order. Shipping costs are billed only once per partner and order and are therefore only shown once in case of partial shipments. Surcharges that a financial service provider charges for processing special payment methods are no part of the purchase receipts of Otto Market.

  • Refund receipts

Refund receipts are created when returned items are accepted or partial credit notes are issued in case of complaints. These receipts therefore document reimbursements of credit memos to the customer. A refund receipt normally contains an item reference. In very rare cases, however, refund receipts can also be created to repay shipping costs billed for full returns.

There are two different types mentioned in receipt.type for refunds. Based on these types refunds can be distinguished in refunds as a gesture of goodwill to avoid returns, so-called PARTIAL_REFUNDs, and refunds triggered by return or cancellation processes, so-called REFUNDs.

On all documents you will usually find

  • item details
  • shipped quantities
  • shipping costs
  • details of the payment method chosen and details of the financial service provider
  • partner details

Some details can only be found on the pdf documents. These include for example:

  • Company logo of Otto (as operator of Otto Market)
  • Company details of financial service providers
  • Contact details of Otto (as relation center operator for customer inquiries and complaints)

General information:

  • Pdf documents are only generated once and do not change over time.
  • When a pdf is generated, dates are printed on the pdf documents in format DD.MM.YYYY in the valid time zone (CET/CEST) from Germany.

Below you find the end points which can use to retrieve this information from the Receipts API.


All interfaces expect the consumer to be logged in. All endpoints only allow access to the receipts a consumer has rights for. A partner is only allowed to see receipts that are generated in his name.


This changelog will document all relevant changes in our interface. Kudos to



  • Legally compliant and human readable receipt number is introduced during this day. Receipt numbers already generated are not affected by this change. There should be no overlapping of previous numbers. There are no changes in the definition of the fields.



  • If the temporary reduction of VAT rates is decided, we will take this into account when calculating customer receipts. Structural changes to the interface are not required. However, we would like to inform you that there may be changed combinations in the total vat values. In principle, it is also possible that 16% and 19% are displayed together on refund receipts.



  • PDF documents will be created for all refund receipts generated from this date on. Before that date the representation as PDF format is not mandatory for refund receipts. Customers also only have access to the pdf documents, if they are available for the partner.



  • Prior partial reimbursement details in case of return of an item.



  • Before that date source of customer data was always the order. From now on the current customer address will be used on all kinds of refund receipts.



  • Before that date the delivery address was populated for all types of receipts. From now on the delivery address will only be populated for purchase receipts.



  • Before that date only purchase receipts were provided. From now on refund receipts are provided.
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