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Returns Interface

After you have sent the product to the customer, but the customer has unfortunately decided not to keep it, this Returns Interface allows you to report the return.

In principle, you will accept a return, so that we can trigger the customer payment immediately. It would be great if you would also inform us about the condition of the return.

In the rare case (e.g. if the return does not correspond to the correct article) that you do not want to accept a return, you also have the option to reject the return. In this case we would like to receive a reason in addition to the condition of the return.

Reject reason is a free text where you can tell us why you are rejecting the return. This will help us understand and if possible, reduce "bad" returns.
Some examples of return reasons could be "Not my product", "Returned later than is allowed to", "Possible fraud", "Non-returnable item" etc."

We expect the following values for the condition:

  • A for "in original packaging"
  • B for "in mint condition"
  • C for "slightly used"
  • D for "heavily used"
  • E for "mistake (Delivery incomplete, not available,...)"

If you have already accepted a return, it cannot be rejected again afterwards. However, if you feel you have changed your mind about a rejected return, you still have the option to accept the return afterwards.


This changelog will document all relevant changes in our interface. Kudos to

Status: Released



  • get api /v2/returns to view returns announced by customer and misdirected at otto warehouse.



  • get api /v2/returns to view returns accepted and return rejected by customer.



  • validation to post api /v2/returns to check if the salesOrderId is valid.



  • Updated Returns Api Description regarding issue (
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